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Are you an art lover? Let us connect you with art that brings joy to your home or business.

Are you an artist? Let's work together to PROMOTE, BRAND and SELL your art. 

Art Houzze offers unique opportunities to experience art.

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Art Houzze Collaborates with Hotel Hartness


Art Houzze is honored to have been chosen by Hotel Hartness to curate more than 40 pieces of original fine art for their new boutique hotel in Greenville, SC. The Hartness family are avid art collectors and took great interest in having local artists represented on the walls of their establishment. Art Houzze worked diligently for months researching and scouting the perfect pieces to achieve the artistic vision the Hartness' desired. Opening is planned for mid March. Go check out Hotel Hartness and enjoy the magnificent artwork displayed throughout the Manor, the grand ballroom area, conference rooms and luxurious spa. The restaurant, Patterson Kitchen + Bar, has floor to ceiling windows with the incredible views being the only art needed.

Click on the QR code on the placards to learn more about the talented artists that created each masterpiece.

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Are you an avid art collector? A casual enthusiast? Whether it is your 100th piece or your first, drop in and take a look at what we have to offer. 

Want to know the who's who in the scene? Maybe you are just trying to find your new favorite artist? We are constantly adding artists to our team.

This is an opportunity that rolls around three times a year for local  artists in the Upstate. The Art Houzze Art Walk is the coolest way in town to display your art to thousands of people. 

Everybody's space can use a little bit of a facelift. Whether you are building out a new space or just want to refresh your current space, we would love to help.

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