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Art Houzze respectfully requests art submitted as part of this application be in a portrait orientation

(artwork height measurement greater than width measurement)

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I, the individual / artist identified in this Application, do hereby attest all information provided as part of this application is truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  Further, I acknowledge all of the creative elements provided as part of this application are of my own personal creation with no known implicit and/or explicit claims of ownership from any other party.  I do hereby acknowledge Art Houzze and its designated representatives are not directly or indirectly responsible and/or liable for any derogatory claims which may arise from the submission of this application.

The $10.00 Submission Fee is a non-refundable amount required by Art Houzze for the processing and consideration of your artwork to be included as part of the Camperdown Art Walk.  Payment of this Submission Fee does not guarantee submitting artist and their associated work will be selected for exhibition.

Art Houzze and its designated representatives acknowledge the submission of this application by the above identified artist creates no implicit nor explicit agreements between said parties.  Further, Art Houzze and is designated representatives agree the submission of this application does not assign their organization with the right to represent the individual / artist in any manner, up to and including the sale of such art or associated intellectual property to any third-party.

$10.00 Application Fee will be collected once you click the 'Submit Application' button.

Thank you for the submission of your Application.We will review your submitted information and respond as soon as possible.Thank you from Art Houzze!

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