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Why Courtney loves Artisphere!

Mother’s Day is personally my most cherished day of the year because it’s all about MOMMA’S and what makes us happy!

My absolute favorite thing to do on Mother’s Day is to spend the day at Artisphere where I get to celebrate all of the local artists in Greenville. Seeing their creative processes come to light gives me LIFE!

It is a true family affair. My husband and I have this tradition where I find something I love, and he buys it for me for Mother’s Day. It is a win-win for everyone. My son loves the experience too. The VIP tent is his jam. The big, cushy sofa’s offer him a moment to rest and time to daydream while I visit with local artists and catch up on the business of Art Houzze. He also got to partake in an extra dessert or two...

One of the many highlights this year, was seeing Cali Hobgood again. Love her.

Her framed photography art hangs all over my kitchen. One is of a black and white picture of an ice cream scooper and the other is a photo of a cake. Very apropos as my family loves dessert!

The next time you are in Greenville, or if you are looking to be inspired-come down south to Artisphere. You just may run into the Art Houzze girls!

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